Men’s Hobbies

woodworkingMen love having hobbies. They probably love having them even more so than women do. A lot of men might give different reasons as to why they love having hobbies; however, regardless of whatever reason they give, the most indispensable reason would have to be the face that men love having something to do. Without any outlet to pour their money, energy, and hard work into, men all over the world might just snap and go all bonkers. These facts being said, what are some of the best hobbies for men which would not only be fun and “self esteem-boosting”, but would ultimately, also be productive and profitable in the long run? One such hobby would be woodworking.

Throughout history, man (in the general sense of the word), has always had this inherent itch to build. Without this itch, the world may have very well been robbed of the splendor of some of mankind’s most majestic wonders. So it comes to no surprise then, that woodworking—or essentially, the art of building items (sculptures and whatnot) made out of wood—is one of the most popular hobbies men get into. Not only do woodworking men get something splendid out of a finished project; they also get something useful.

By its most common and most basic definition, woodworking is the means of sculpting objects and items out of wood. These items need not necessarily have to be made completely out of wood; however, the prevailing material should still be wood. The origins of the art of woodworking can “technically” be traced as far back to the age of the Neanderthals, who used flint stone tools to carve, or work wood. And much like the Neanderthals of the ancient past, the reason why many of the men who take woodworking as a hobby today can be summed up in two words: practical necessity. More than anything else, the ancient ancestors of mankind carved items made out of wood to sate their practical needs; and even though woodworking today is slowly becoming more of an art-driven hobby, most of the men who practice it still do because of its practical aspect. Why would a manly man (in his right mind), pass up an opportunity to build his own furniture (among other things), with his own bare hands?

If you’re showing an interest in getting into woodworking, better pace yourself first. You would need tools (hammers, saws, nails, screws, screwdrivers, measuring tools to say the least), other sorts of materials, wood (of course), and most of all, a decent enough workshop to practice a hobby such as this. Having said this, it isn’t difficult at all to produce these requirements if you’re serious on taking on this hobby.

Proper Use Of The Automatic Seduction System

automatic-seductionHere’s a quick tip for if you get a woman to agree to a date with you, and you want things to work out well: Don’t use your date as an excuse to talk endlessly about yourself non-stop.  Some men do this to hide the fact that they are nervous or insecure; they try to give what they think is a better impression of themselves.  They think that when they gab and gab, they appear self-confident, full of poise and assurance.

Most women, however, do not take kindly to being used as a sounding board for your endless litany about yourself.  Surveys indicate that going out on a date with someone who is full of himself ranks among the first five things that women hate about the men they are dating.

It is even worse when you brag.  This is a real turn-off to women.  Women have good instincts about men.  When you exaggerate things about yourself and try to present yourself in a much grander scale, women are bound to see through you.  A woman is likely to be interested in what you do, what interests you, what things you are passionate about.  But when you start boasting – talking about your riches and achievements no end – and show no interest whatsoever about what she has to say, she is not likely to be impressed.

This is why Chris (60) came up with the Automatic Seduction System. To teach guys what they should do differently to get girls to actually like them and want to date them again. You see, according to Chris (60) there is a level of sexual tension already there between you and the woman you are talking to (most of the time at least) so rather than talking on and on and trying to impress her, the trick is just not to mess up that tension and to just let it slowly build up over time until she is full of desire for you! If this is something of interest you can read more at the PUA Books website.

But my point is this: women tend to think kindly about men who have great listening skills. So stop talking so much. A date is all about discovering each other.  It is about finding out whether or not there is enough rapport and interest in your initial interaction to merit going out with each other again.  If the conversation is all about you, there is no way you can accomplish this.  Your date ends up with information overload about you – and probably with the impression that you are so full of yourself you do not even merit a second glance, much less, a second date with her.

Pay attention to your date.  Ask questions.  Listen to her attentively.  Be sincere about getting to know her.

Modern Dating Sure Is Complicated Isn’t It?

With all of the new societal issues affecting modern day singles, one can become quite nostalgic about the good old days. I am talking of course about the glorious 1980s and to a lesser extent the fabulous 1990s, before everyone had a cell phone, and before what I like to refer to as the “second sexual revolution” of the 2000s.

Some people might not think that the advent of cellular telephone technology would really make that big a difference for modern daters, but if you are one of those people then I politely to differ with you. You see, since the cell phone was first introduced it is been the coming a bigger and bigger part of people’s lives, to the point where nowadays it seems like the majority of people under 40 years of age are literally glued to their phones for most of their waking hours!

Sure, there are also some great benefits that come with the fact that everybody nowadays has a cell phone. It is a lot easier to get in touch with your date at the last minute, if for example you are running late and you want to make sure that your date doesn’t think that you are standing them up or anything like that. But, I would assert that overall cell phones have made things more difficult on the dating scene particularly for men. The reason I say this is because women, and particularly attractive women are getting a ton more phone calls and text messages and they ever got back in the 80s or 90s, so it is much more likely that a man’s call will be missed and his message disregarded. You see, back in the old days we used to check our messages when we got home, and listen to all of them, so it was very unlikely that a message would be missed. And, when listening to our messages we got a message that we deemed important, we would make a note of it and return the call.

These days however it seems like many people have lost all sense when it comes to properly managing their voicemails, and an inordinate amount of voicemails are lost or disregarded. This is why it is so important that men are persistent when attempting to woo women. Men, need to realize that in this new, modern, high-tech, and impersonal society women are more distracted than ever, and it is very important that guys are aware of this. Of course, there are many other factors of modern life that complicate the singles scene, I personally believe that this matter of cell phones and voicemail is probably the most annoying!

Those of you looking for more dating advice may want to read up on out Dating Coach Jason Capital. here’s a video discussing his interesting take on the modern dating scene:

Basketball: Achieving Competition and Camaraderie among Men

basketballersWhen talking about hobbies or pastimes among men, sports are one of the most common items that come to mind. One reason as to why sports have such as huge calling is that it involves a sense of camaraderie among different groups of people, while having a certain level of gamesmanship; wherein, the mixture of both these two things provides a sense of achievement on top of having a common bond among different people.

A good example of a competitive sport which is quite popular around the world is the game of basketball. Basketball is a sport played by two people to ten people, in which these people would be divided evenly into one player or one team on offense and another player or another team on defense. The goal of the offensive player or team is to put the ball in the opponent’s basket, where it would be counted as a point or score once the ball goes through the basket. The goal of the defensive player or team is to limit the number of times when the offensive player can put the ball into the basket and to get the ball so that the defensive player or team can be the one playing offense. Whoever reaches a target number of baskets first or whoever has a higher number of baskets after a certain time frame is declared the winner.

Basketball may seem like an easy sport given the linear objective of putting the ball inside the basket, however, there are certain skills that are needed by both the player and the team. For the player, he must be able to have hand-eye coordination to control his shot and to dribble the ball. Aside from that, footwork is also necessary to run and evade the defenders on the offensive-end and follow and stop the offensive player on the defensive-end. More than that, stamina is also a must as the game involves sprinting up and down the 94-foot basketball court for 48 minutes. For the team, communication and teamwork is a must. Knowing where your teammates and opponents are involves telling them quickly in short and concise phrases. Knowing each other’s tendencies would also be of big help to winning the game.

Given the requirements of the game, basketball really provides a quick sense of fulfillment- especially after winning the game after a tiring 48 minutes. It also establishes a bond between teammates that will surely last after the game. This thirst for both camaraderie and fulfillment is what drives men crazy about basketball- surely making it a hobby for men of different ages.